In this past year, it feels like our world has conspired to overwhelm us, to rob us of pleasure, and put fear in our hearts.

  • Have you been drawn into this battle? Are in danger of succumbing to the stress, pain, fear, anger, depression, and overwhelm?
  • Perhaps your relationships are failing, are feeling stagnant, and simply aren't meeting your needs.
  • Could it be that your work is no longer a source of inspiration and fulfillment.
  • Perhaps you wish to find pleasure and beauty in the world, but you just have too many balls in the air, managing your daily overwhelm to carve out the time for pleasure.

You are not alone, my beauty.  

We all are engaged in a battle with the madonna/whore complex, which isn't helping. In fact, we often feel guilt, shame, and desperation when it comes to our pleasure, orgasm, and desires.

This 5-Day Sacred Courtesan Immersion Is An Exploration 
Into The Hidden Power of Sensuality

This immersion is for you if you are ready to

  • Exude Confidence, Sensuality, Beauty, and a  Mastery of Feminine Magnetism;
  • Understand how embodied magnetism actually works and watch the conscience of beauty in action;
  • Transform the shadow of seduction into a sacred offering of inspiration that ignites change and creativity;
  • Embrace the power of connection, alchemizing competitive, comparison behaviors into ones that connect, uplift and celebrate others;
  • Experience the power of opening your heart and self-generating bliss and pleasure; and 
  • Discover how pleasure is a sacred offering.

In This 5 Days Together...

You will train in the mysteries of sensuality and the evocative power of the sacred courtesan.

You  will have fun, connection, in an uplifting community where we explore edgy topics safely and openly. 

You  will discover the inherent magic that resides in living life where pleasure is considered very sacred,.

You  will discover why the courtesan was one of the most powerful influencers of her time. 

You  will activate untapped beauty within through simple, yet effective practices.

When I've done these challenges before, there were breakthroughs each day. By the end of the five days, you will have been so fully immersed in pleasure, your wisdom so expanded, that you will be a magnet to all you desire.


If you'd love to join, it's only $7 for the replays of the full five days. 

Although the LIVE session has ended,  we've decided to continue offering the challenge, as it was so powerful for those who experienced the replays. We're hosting these replays through a private Facebook group.  The REPLAYS of the daily LIVE-Streaming hour-long video have been organized within the group. They are content-rich with very practical takeaways, things that you can do immediately for that fully immersive experience. (If you don't use Facebook, I have a solution for that as well in a moment.) You will also be supported with daily emails linked directly to the video, the pdf of the homework, and more juiciness!

Kind Words

For a little bit more... you can opt into the VIP experience. This will have an additional 30 minutes (or more) each day, taking each day's topic a little deeper and also allowing for direct questions and coaching.  If you're not on Facebook, we will be emailing you the 90-minute video replays, along with the homework and juiciness. Simply opt-in to the VIP Access on the next page. As we mentioned in the video, VIP Access is available at ONLY $17.

So whatever option you like, the $7 for the full five days, or the $17 for the VIP, you will discover how you can change the world around us to one that embraces pleasure and the wisdom it provides.


Pay-It-Forward: By registering for the 5-Day Sacred Courtesan Immersion, you are participating in support women 
around the world to free themselves. We give a % of the revenue generated from this event to WorldPulse. 

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